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Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris : A Road

By: Aris KurniawanStreets deserted and wet, man. However, if the street lights still burning at that time, up to the pale girl got caught but not too obvious because of acacia branches obstructed the light. The rain is over, but of course the very cold air. Without rain the night air was still cool, right? Forgive me if I seem wise guy, friend. You certainly can not agree with many expressions, or that I made in the likeness of telling all this.He put her ass on the bench with the aid of rain stops touch feeling.Tapering fingers manicured hand-knead knead the wet handkerchief used to wipe her face and hair. A small bag made of brown leather cords still nyangkol the shoulder, armpit dikempit.Black suitcase cuddled his knees are shaking. Light sunless trembling hid his body wrapped in a jacket and tight black shirts.Emergency getting swift, unstoppable. It often experience anxiety.But this time the newly experienced throughout his life.It failed to burn the rest of the stay of a cigarette-stick. The inclusion of the cigarette back into his jacket pocket. Taxi is expected later and took him away from where it is not also appear. Feel the cold air sucks the energy and pulse beats blazing sun like dew in the morning sucks. He touched his chest, as if to measure its ability to survive.Direnggut moon in the sky thick cloud layer. The remaining holes in the rain pooled in the street, occasionally tersiram sparkling lights.There was no sound of wind or a barking dog. Only occasionally, lamat, sound shells, dry leaves off the stalks before drifting down a quiet street in a really quiet as the grave.He condemned the incident by the events that were experienced.Not only is the sequence of events that last several hours passed.But especially the events experienced by the children and teens are short and gloomy. He crumpled handkerchief as if the emergency continues to squeeze and spread layer by layer rigidities undermine the long dipupuknya. With doubt dirogohnya jacket pocket, looking for cigarettes that had not finished disulut.Fingers touching the tip of tobacco spilled from a torn paper on the friction and damp jacket pocket.Cigarette burn that ripped in half, then half disedotnya heart. It cast a bitter spit on her tongue. Throat like a fire, hot and painful.Berdenging mosquito sound in their ears, biting her skin is soft and fragrant leaves. There are no fireflies, a truly dark night.Direct gaze to the right pan until stiff neck, the direction from which he emerged tersaruk dragging luggage. Tensions attacking his body. He felt the nerves of his neck became tight and rigid.Ditunggunya taxi never came. Roads that are not crossed by taxi, especially in the quiet and cold night after a rain like that. He forgot, but did not dare to cross the bike there. New this time it was confused and lost sense of what should be done.He tightened the collar of his jacket and tried to raise the drive cool. But air can not be driven, it has been associated with night and quiet, inviting the memories remain fresh in his memory. It feels like listening to twit papa. Hearing the screams of my mom and Ning, his eldest sister. They berkelebatan shut his eyes to any dibenturkan. He never found a place that is really able to keep memories of them and all the events that made them hate. Mama and papa seingatnya never met each other except for the scorn poured. Never saw them sitting together, bercengkerama, let alone a friendly hand stretched out to be kissed when he left school.It can clearly hear the voice menggampar cheek mama papa hands with growl, mama lengkingan thus making the nights shocked. Followed clink glasses and cups flying hit the wall. Ning sister never returned except in cases of drunk and hugged a woman the same age my mom. Berdekapan all night with their clothes on while mendesiskan half of the voices that make want to vomit. He himself shivering in the back door of his room. His younger brother, Rico, who suffered from autism struggling in the arms of Aunt Noah in the room.He knew, Rikolah that forms the basis for their argument. Papa Rico accusing its results mama affair with the young men who like to hang out at the mall, not a child of his seed. Instead, my mom convinced dad that night and bergonta keluyuran often-changing partners causes Rico was born handicapped.The last cigarette has been exhausted. Puntungnya whiff of smoke are still unconsciously diremasnya. For a moment he was screaming and shocked because of the heat. Slowly moving air from the south without a voice. His face tightened again as there are children who are dragging. More serene atmosphere. Heard a loud chattering teeth. It remove the bag from her shoulder and then embraced. Placing the cheek on it.As he did when his heart suddenly missed my mom direnggut poignant."You Why, Revi?" asked the man's brother saw her depressed."Not any, Roni," he said as he stared at the men's eyes."You still do not believe me? Hmm.""No. You do not sentimental, Roni."They have a long relation. He never loved someone like the man she loves it. Male first-hand the business of hair treatment. This young man was hooked pijatannya delicious. Service that makes it all tender and touching every week subscribe. Of course not limited to the business of hair, but also skin and facial treatments.Metrosexual, said the people. It looked like sticking a strong jaw, his chin is always blue. It stunned the style of speech and especially his voice sounded wet and sighed. But over the course hair, usually the male that linger sit there until late at night by dew, chat with God knows what."Why did you choose to live like this?" This man was once asked."Why?" she asked."Pengin hear his story.""For what?""Your name is good.""Ah.""It's not the name of your parents, I thought."Chat-chat continues like every man was coming. Berceritalah him about his hatred of mom, dad, and Kak Ning, as well as countless pity on the condition Rico. But especially in the event after event that makes hating them all."That was what made you choose this?"The woman did not answer. He recalled the decision level: mengkastrasi sex, turning it into the vagina. He believes that the confusion should be straightened out completely, not because of hatred of papa, mama and Kak Ning is either already dead or still wandering somewhere."What is wrong."This young man did not answer. He himself does not feel need answers sebagimana it does not need to know really loved Roni? It just kept his doubts. It was really hoping Roni."I am a man, do not you girls?" said the man seemed to understand her feelings."Hmm, I'm happy. But not this ..."He patted the palm of his hand, a cigarette butt dust. Swallow one's words are hot like lava burns the tongue and throat. Sky increasingly concentrated. Piece of acacia leaves fall right on his lap. A cat suddenly approached and touched the body to the leg-nyentuhkan. Thick layer of clouds in the sky leaving no flickering stars. Memories of his escape from the house to steal all of a sudden my mom jewelry show more clearly. Like yesterday he was leaving the house like a camp of torture dikutuknya for his soul.With confidence he sold all the jewelry my mom to rent the shop and start a business to open a salon. It was a tough, proven salon that manages never lonely customer. It does not need to be a singer or a night stand at the road intersection waiting for the victim, like many of his friends.Apparently my mom was alive, he heard the news my mom was in the hospital. The woman did not recognize it when they visit him in hospital. Mom faces look so pale and worn."Who are you?" aunt asked Noah to take care of my mom. He did not feel the need to explain himself. He just kept saying to my mom, then go left a basket of flowers and fruits. Distance-the distance he heard the cries of Noah aunt called him, "Rava, Rava ..." Sesunggguhnya he stopped and turned to meet them. But her courage somehow suddenly evaporate into any.He swallowed hard. Lamat voice heard wheeled cart driven ball hurry. He shifted his seat, lifting facial massage ball ever closer look, and pass without looking at him.For years he never returned. Trying to forget my mom, dad, brother Ning, Rico, and all the events impitan kanaknya. But often fails.Everything is always stalking her memory. A year after the events in the hospital, he heard the news my mom died. Kak Ning prolonged stress, and Aunt Noah Rico thrown into nursing homes of children with disabilities. Papa knows where.He closed his eyes, trying to rid themselves impitan memory. But other events are dragged into this place raided his head. He heard Roni affair with a dancer bar. Santi, loyal employees who said that news. He came to the hotel where they were dating. After arguing quite a lot, with the wind hotel receptionist told their room numbers.Pounding tight feeling when massaging the lift.In rooms intended it only to find a woman. Some of the old mouth of the war occurred. He had slapped the woman. He wanted to finish the fury by throwing her through the window. But it was not done, it can still refrain. Before slamming the door, he ended the argument by placing the point of a shiny dagger in the chest while she whispered threats, "Forget about Roni, or the tip of the dagger ripped heart."He stepped down a plan of the hotel hallway carpet, trying not to raise the voice. Arrive at salonnya, he saw Roni had stood there while hips."Starting tonight, do not be gone task, transsexuals bastard!"The next event takes place so quickly. He dragged the boy into the room, then dibantingnya there. This young man was quickly rose menjambak hair, strangle, strike both cheeks very hard, until her lips broke. It confused a few seconds, then earned a pair of scissors on the table decoration and menusukkannya repeatedly to the male breast. After wiping muncratan blood on his face, he holds a long sword which has been the decoration on the wall. With mince kalap dead man into pieces.Night has passed the half-way. The woman was still sitting on the bench at the bus stop. Cursing his own feelings are so sentimental.Now he remembered Santi. He asked her not to follow him. "Go, Santi, do not follow me. Bring money for lunch. Go far, far away from this city. Hopefully, everything will be okay. Let me go down this road alone. Because I do not know which one will kutuju place."His heart was sliced ​​like to see it go back loyal employee who brought tears gripping.Rain fell again. Suddenly he felt himself so old, tired and ill. The head is not strong, the event packed full of events for the error.Could no longer imagine a happy family. Styling loyal customers.His life is too crowded with keperihan, there is no place for even the love story of the most fun and simple. So no more excuses to go from there. So he finally decided. Let tomorrow bringing a herd to prison policy.

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